Look Who Got A Makeover!

I got a makeover! (And here’s what I discovered…)

I love me a good Before and After story, don’t you???
(Can you say, “Fixer Upper” and “What Not to Wear”?)

Because sometimes we need a refresh…

And my website was begging me to take another look! It had been a year since I had updated my website and because my business has grown so fast, I’ve been focused on coaching my clients instead of updating my web copy or choosing new font colors.

But things had gotten a bit crowded and out of alignment with my brand that is rapidly evolving in front of my eyes.

We’re constantly evolving as business owners and people - our website should be too.

And yes, it was a chance to gets some new messaging and showcase some amazing photos and videos, but it was really a chance to share my whole life with greater focus.

I looked at how I was conveying my message to my audience and asked myself:

  1. what do I believe today?

  2. what do my customers tell me about my impact?

  3. what areas of my whole life do I want to share within my brand?

What I discovered is that this refresh has kicked off a greater expansion of my message and who I serve.

Because the here’s the thing…

You are the one who gets to tell the world who you are— not the other way around.

If you want to grow professionally, personally, or exponentially it starts with you deciding to take action, not waiting for someone to tell you you’re ready.

So, take a look around…
Take the Quiz and find out what type of magnetic messenger you are.
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In addition to the website, exciting things are happening!

Some of you have asked and I finally have 2 spots open in my calendar for The Big Event 1:1 client coaching starting the week of December 1st! Have a signature talk coming up and not sure where or how to begin? Need help with a sales pitch, interview, or big workshop? Book a free discovery call with me and see if The Big Event Coaching is right for you.

Stay tuned for some more amazing updates that I can hardly keep the lid on.




Lauren Capizzo is a Speaking Coach and Visibility Strategist who helps people craft their unique message to connect with confidence and engage their target audience. She’s taken all her years of performing on the stage and in front of the camera, and translated that into a powerful presentation strategy for business owners and professionals. She works 1:1 with students through her Big Event Coaching, to give her client the tips, tricks, and techniques that make them presenting powerhouses. She is the creator of This Visible Life, an online course helping female entrepreneurs increase their brand presence through video making, crafting a standout strategy, and gaining true audience engagement. She has an undergraduate degree in Communications (with Acting & Directing Concentration) and a minor in English. She's performed in numerous plays and staged performances as well as acting in front of the camera for television, movies, and student films. She received her Master’s in Business Administration and has more than ten years corporate experience, most recently as a Director in Practice Transformation - inspiring and motivating leadership teams to work together and breakdown difficult problems through change management techniques. She knows where people get stuck the most - and the steps to get out in front of an audience with confidence and stage presence.