There Are Moments In Life That Really Matter…

Moments where you put it all on the on the line:

  • Signature Speeches

  • Sales Pitches

  • Job Interviews

  • Annual Reviews

  • Tough Negotiations

These moments are the difference between getting a client, a raise, a greater visibility…but nobody really teaches you how to handle them

I'm here to change that for you

No more regretting it...after the moment has passed.
No more clamming up...when you should have spoken up.
No more nervous talking...when you should hold the silence.
No more ear-ringing, head-spinning fear...when you're supposed to be relaxed in front of your audience.

I Call Moments That Matter Big Events


Learn The Things They Should Have Taught You...But Didn't.


  • Own the conversation, right from your opening statement

  • Captivate and engage your audience

  • Look like you've "been here before"

  • Change the way you talk about your work like it's a business and not a hobby

  • Get members of the audience to seek you out, and say how your speech impacted them

  • Know the things to say during the most important discussions

  • Stop letting other's opinions decide your mood and worth

  • Say the things you actually feel, with confidence and control

  • Use the tricks and techniques performers use -- even when you're "at a loss for words"

Big Event Coaching With Me Looks Like:

Your signature series with me includes: 

  • A 30 minute video conference with me re: event / meeting type, key goals, and capturing the basics to define your desired outcome 

  • A customized synopsis of our video call sent to you, outlining areas discussed and further preparation needed

  • A 60 minute working session video conference, to breakdown the essential areas of prep and to identify any barriers standing in the way of your vision 

  • A post-meeting outline of our discussion, with a recommended plan of "critical focus areas" and presentation techniques re: message, body language, and confidence

  • A 60 minute mock-run through of your speech, meeting, or pitch to make sure you are prepared to rock your event - like the boss you are

  • Email support between our video conferences to answer any questions you have and help refine last minute concerns

  • Access to my Dos and Don'ts training materials for owning the moment with ease and confidence