The question you’re probably asking yourself is…


Where’d you get those boots???
(Kidding! But if you DM me, I’ll tell you!)

How do I get more visible (online or onstage) without feeling overwhelmed, freaked out, or just plain awkward?

I get it.
Showing up in a bigger, bolder way is hard to figure out.

And making your mark online can sometimes feel like jumping into oncoming traffic…on a 10 speed bike.

But I can show you how to do it…

  • with ease

  • with excitement

  • with purpose

But, this wasn’t always the way for me.

In fact, if I’m being honest with you…I’m actually a recovering coward.

This university-trained actor with numerous stage and film appearances, who could get up and wow a crowd.
This recognized leader in business, hired by major organizations, for my expertise in change management.
This crazy busy hockey / dance mom, and former PTO co-President who spends more time driving kids than sleeping.
This girl who struggled with undiagnosed ADHD, a volatile family upbringing, living in financial upheaval (food stamps, free lunch, bankruptcy, and foreclosures) but then went on to achieve all the middle-class labels of success - including a Masters in Business.

This girl you see was hiding out from making the leap onto a bigger stage, a bigger canvas…because what if I failed? What if I got online and everyone thought I was (fill in the blank because I’ve said them all)?

Until one day…I decided.
I acknowledged that everyday I chose not to do something with my skills and expertise (because of fear of judgment) was a day I was holding someone back from their own opportunities.
I had things to offer, impact to make, and a message to share.

My personal mantra became…


“My message is bigger
than my fear.”


And from that point on, everything changed. Now I live the life that I literally dreamt about.

I only see my goals, I don’t believe in failure.
’Cause I know the smallest voices, they can make it major.
— Lukas Graham

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